5 Smart Steps to Avoid Computer Corrosion

5 Smart Steps To Avoid Computer Corrosion

It is true that salt air will corrode hardware and electronics especially near the ocean/coast.

Whether you prefer a laptop or a desktop your PC is affected by its environment. While overly dry conditions can cause static electricity in your computer’s components, excessively humid conditions can cause faster corrosion and internal damage.

If your environment is especially humid you should take precautions to protect your computer from malfunction due to moisture. Take note of the general level of humidity and follow these simple steps to stop damage.

  • Install a dehumidifier in your home or office. Dehumidifiers remove some of the moisture in the air so it’s safer to use your desktop, laptop or tablet PC. When using a dehumidifier remember to empty out the reservoir regularly to ensure that the machine works efficiently. Small hippos may work for some, others may need to invest in domestic or commercial stand-alone models.
  • Situate your computer in an area of the home or office with a controlled temperature. Avoid using your computer in humid areas such as a hot tub room, sauna or the bathroom. Condensation from the humidity can affect the internal components of your computer causing corrosion or sudden malfunction.
  • Keep your computer stationary whenever possible. One way humidity builds up in your computer is when you experience sudden temperature changes. For instance, going from the cold winter air to a warm office could cause condensation. Transport your computer as little as possible and always use an insulated case to protect it from extreme temperatures if you must travel with it.
  • Wipe your computer down quickly if you notice moisture on the outside of the case. Use a clean towel to remove outer moisture before it has time to seep into the computer through the keyboard or vents. For this very reason, avoid positioning your computer near windows or external doors.*Iron rust is red/brown, aluminum rust is white, copper corrosion is blue/green.*
  • Get routine maintenance and computer tune ups. Computer technicians will check your computer’s health and also give it a good clean, preventing extensive salt corrosion.

If you’re in need of a computer check up and suspect salt corrosion, give your winning team a call on (02) 6584 1551

Written by Ben Waters

Ben WatersOver 25 years helping build small businesses that work. Investor/Adventurer. Electronic Engineer and tech enthusiast.


  • Avatar Gary says:

    Will silicon grease on computer connection reduce salt/rust corrosion?

    • Ben Waters Ben Waters says:

      Hi Gary, this is a really good question.

      Short answer, not sure, you would have to check with the manufacturer of that particular product.

      In the end, your computer connections need an electrical connection.

      I feel any silicon grease would impede electrical flow.

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