3 Key Home Desktop Computer Safety Tips

Desktop Safety Tips

Safely using your desktop will help ensure that the computer works properly and you don’t get injured. Improper use or not being aware of safety issues can cause your desktop irreparable damage. These tips will help you stay productive and safe no matter where you are working.

  • Vent Maintenance Part of your weekly routine should be to inspect and clean the air vents at the back of your desktop. Forced air dusters can be used to keep the air vents clean and free from debris. It’s important to know that you should never push anything into the air vents.
  • Secure Transportation Make sure that if you ever have to transport your desktop that you first unplug all accessories from it and carry it with two hands from the bottom of the case. Secure the desktop in an upright position wherever possible using the vehicles seatbelt for example. Parts may come loose during transport
  • Soft Spots It’s a wise idea to use your desktop in a well-ventilated position with no soft material covering the fans located at the back or side of your machine. Soft materials can block the airflow vents and cause it to overheat.

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