Top PC Tips

Top PC Tips


Arm Yourself with Info


#1 Buying a PC

Purchasing a home or business computer need not be a big or costly decision.
Before purchasing consider your general needs and wants, write them down and shop around.

A PC is one of the most popular and convenient units and at PC Pitstop there are two options – New or Ex-Lease. New systems come with a longer warranty and larger capacity parts but will cost slightly more, while Ex-Lease machines are never more than two years old and are great for someone on a budget or families needing a second computer for the kids or the office.

Make sure all the specifications given match your needs and wants list. Oftentimes newer programs or parts will be better suited to your needs so don’t be afraid to ask what does what. A good salesperson who is willing to answer your questions is a good indicator of the quality of after sales service and support you can expect. Let this initial service be your guide to where you feel most comfortable to make your purchase and it should be a pleasant one!

#2 Coaching

Sometimes the only way to ease frustrations with new technology is to have a lesson on the topic. Not as frightening as it sounds, PC Pitstop staff talks to you in terms you can understand step by step by step.

Here are some tips for fun and easy learning:

  • Have a goal in mind and write a list of any and all problems/questions. No problem is too hard and no question is too silly.
  • Take notes to increase the likelihood of remembering what you are learning and for referring back to at a later date.
  • Link the information you are learning to what you know already. For example, if you are a musician, think of the computer as an instrument that will play the right sound if the right buttons are pushed.
  • Apply what you have learnt. If you have just learnt how to send an email…then send one! In the process of doing you will remember far more.
  • Remember that if you hear something, you are likely to retain 10% of what you hear. If you read something, you retain about 20%. But if you experience something, you can retain more than 70% of what you’ve learned! So relax and try and enjoy the experience of learning new skills that are so relevant today.


#3 Ram it Up!

If your old computer has lost its get up and go, your animation is lagging, or your new PC has trouble multitasking, you may need more RAM. The latest doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed the greatest in terms of performance.

Good news! Upgrading the memory is easy and a relatively inexpensive way to boost performance. Just remember: more is better. 1-2Gb is what an average user needs.

Smoother multitasking: It gives your computer an extra boost so it doesn’t have to use the hard drive to manage data.
Faster Web surfing: No matter how fast your Internet connection is, a memory upgrade can help your browser display pages faster.
Enhanced photo & video editing: Editing is fun if it’s not too slow. Photo and video files are very large, you’ll need lots of RAM help speed things up.

Spectacular gaming: Enjoy crisper, brighter images and excitingly fast 3D video and animation for a more powerful, virtually real gaming experience.

Upgrade your RAM in-store with an extra 1GB DDR2 RAM for $75, or 2GB DDR2 for $99. Older computers tend to cost slightly more. Call our friendly staff for more information about upgrading your computer today!

#4 Routine Servicing

Just like a car, your computer will benefit from a yearly service. Computers get clogged up with unneeded files and programs and become slow. You will probably notice your computer is not as fast as when you first purchased it and this could be the reason why.

Servicing will also detect and prevent serious problems before they arise like virus infections and hardware failure which could ultimately lead to you losing your precious data or unwanted down time. During a service PC Pitstop will also clean out dust from fans and grills and spray protective sealant on sensitive parts to prevent coastal corrosion.

Think of servicing as a cheap insurance policy for your computer. PC Pitstop provides full workshop servicing for only $90.00.

Written by Ben Waters

Ben WatersOver 25 years helping build small businesses that work. Investor/Adventurer. Electronic Engineer and tech enthusiast.

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