Screen repairs for laptops

Laptop Screen Repairs on a wide range of faults:

  • Computer screen repairs
  • Notebook screen repairs
  • Apple screen repairs
  • Broken laptop screen
  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Malfunctioning screen
  • No display on the screen
  • Dim laptop screen
Laptop Screen Replacements
Repairing Laptop Screen Inverter
Technician repairing laptop screen inverter under microscope

Laptop screen repairs are available for:

  • Windows and Apple Computers
  • Any make, model or brand
  • All types of damage
  • LCD / LED and touchscreen displays

Fast, affordable and reliable replacements for all damaged laptop screens.

Your laptop will feel like new again. All laptop repairs come with full warranty and repaired by experienced technicians who have repaired thousands of devices.

Successful laptop repairs from the experts

If there is a solution to your laptop repair, our experts will find it.
PC Pitstop has been performing successful laptop repairs for over 25 years.
Our technicians have repaired tens of thousands of devices and are here to help you every step of the way.

If your laptop is failing:

  • Shut down your laptop immediately
  • Do not restart laptop
  • Remove the battery if possible
  • Do not install any software
  • Do not try to dry a wet laptop
  • Never operate a damaged laptop
  • Contact PC Pitstop immediately

Following these simple tips will increase your likelihood of a successful laptop repair

Apple Mac Screen that has been repaired
Apple Mac Screen that has been repaired using micro soldering under a microscope
Happy client with laptop screen repaired

Popular Laptop Screen Models

  • N140HGA-EA1
  • N140HCA-EAC
  • N156HGA-EAB
  • N156HGA-EA3
  • N156HCA-EAA
  • N173HCE-E31
  • N173HCE-E3A

Laptop brand screens we replace

  • Asus
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Razer
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • Apple
  • Alienware
  • MSI
  • Fujitsu
Technician replacing laptop screen

Start repairing your screen!

Contact our team of experts. PC Pitstop accommodates everyone – from businesses to a family member who may have broken their screen and everyone in between.

99%+ data recovery

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Data recovery from all drives

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