Workshop Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades give you that PERFORMACE BOOST

  • Windows 10 upgrade
  • RAM memory upgrade
  • Performance upgrades
  • Graphics video card upgrade
  • Hard drive and solid state hard drive upgrades
  • Apple Mac and PC upgrades

Every upgrade is unique. The team here at PC Pitstop get to know you and your system and ask lots of questions so you get the result you are after.  

Successful Computer Upgrades from the Experts

If there is an upgrade path our experts will find it. PC Pitstop has been performing upgrades for almost 20 years. Our fully trained technicians have upgraded thousands of systems and are
here to help you every step of the way.

Benefits of a computer upgrade:

  • More speed
  • More simultaneous programs operating at the same time
  • More multitasking
  • More storage space
  • Faster network and Internet speed
  • Connections to more equipment
  • Additional ports and connections
  • Run multiple monitors (we have clients with 6 monitors on one computer!)

We inspect and assess your equipment to make sure the upgrade will be the right fit for the right job you are looking to perform.

Computer Upgrades made easy

Contact PC Pitstop!

Contact our team of experts. PC Pitstop accommodates everyone – from businesses to a family member who needs to do more with their computers and everyone in between.

99%+ success rate

We take the time to make sure the upgrade you are looking for can be performed and the results you are looking for can be obtained and succeeded.
We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Data recovery from all drives

PC Pitstop recover data from a wide variety of media – including data recovery for HDD, SSD, Memory Sticks, USB Drives, NAS Boxes, RAID Drives, Computers, Laptops & Smart Devices.

What Our Clients Say!

1000’s of happy customers:

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