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True or False? Battery Myths you Need to Know for Better Device Performance

We live in an age of the high-powered long-life battery-powered portable device. But it seems that the limitations of the nickel-based batteries that were prevalent in the early ’90s still apply to the more modern lithium ion and lithium polymer technologies we use today.

Windows Product Lifecycle – End of Life Support Dates

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Every Windows product has a lifecycle. The lifecycle begins when a product is released and ends when it’s no longer supported. Knowing key dates in this lifecycle helps you make informed decisions about when to upgrade or make other changes to your software.

PC Pitstop Computer Rebuild :: What You Need to Know

PC Pitstop Computer Rebuild :: What You Need to Know

Just experienced a computer catastrophe and had your computer wiped and reinstalled?!

Why Sometimes Upgrading Your Computer is the Cheaper Option


This is such a great article from Smarter Business Ideas…had to share! If your computers are four or more years old, they’re artefacts of earlier technology eras – and they could be costing you big time.

5 Smart Steps to Avoid Computer Corrosion

5 Smart Steps To Avoid Computer Corrosion

Whether you prefer a laptop or a desktop your PC is affected by its environment. While overly dry conditions can cause static electricity in your computer’s components, excessively humid conditions can cause faster corrosion and internal damage.

Love your Laptop :: 4 Steps to Prolonging Laptop Life

Your laptop battery charges whenever your computer is plugged into external power through an AC Adapter, an optional power adapter, or an optional docking device. The battery charges whether the computer is off or in use, but it charges faster when the computer is off.

3 Key Home Desktop Computer Safety Tips

3 Key Home Desktop Computer Safety Tips

Safely using your desktop will help ensure that the computer works properly, and you don’t get injured. Improper use or not being aware of safety issues can cause your desktop irreparable damage. These tips will help you stay productive and safe no matter where you are working.

PC Pitstop Computer Manual & Service Planner :: Making IT Easy for YOU


We are so excited to finally have our PC Pitstop Computer Manual & Service Planner in store for everyone who receives any service from PC Pitstop! So many of you have been wanting something like this and it will definately make life easier for a lot of businesses and families!

PC Pitstop Specialty Lessons

PC Pitstop Specialty Lessons

Stop banging your head on the desk trying to figure that pesky computer problem and ask for a Specialty Lesson from your PC Pitstop Trained Technician.

Doomsday for XP :: You could be under attack right now!


Microsoft first said it was planning to end support for Windows XP in 2007. It has since been warning consumers and businesses an upgrade is necessary to keep their computers from being run over by a train of malicious software, or malware.

Pics that will SHOCK YOU – From the Funny & Not-so-Funny Files!

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Prepare for a Rollercoaster of Emotions: These Unusual and Surprising Images Will Leave You Awestruck! From the hilarious to the thought-provoking, these pictures offer a unique glimpse into the world’s quirky and unexpected moments.

5 Straight Down the Line Honest Technology Truths You Need to Know

5 Straight Down the Line Honest Technology Truths You Need to Know

Geeks that insult your intelligence as they ‘help you’ [read: do it for you…so fast that you have no idea what they did?