Love your Laptop :: 4 Steps to Prolonging Laptop Life

Love your Laptop :: 4 Steps to Prolonging Laptop Life


Exercising your Laptop Battery and Charger


Your laptop battery charges whenever your computer is plugged into external power through an AC Adapter, an optional power adapter, or an optional docking device. The battery charges whether the computer is off or in use, but it charges faster when the computer is off. However, charging may take longer if a battery is new, has been unused for 2 weeks or more, or is much warmer or cooler than room temperature.

To prolong battery life and optimize the accuracy of battery charge displays, follow these recommendations:


  1. If you are charging a new battery, charge it for a full 12 hours before turning on the computer.
  2. Charge the battery until the battery light turns off
  3. Allow the battery to discharge below 5 percent of a full charge through normal use before charging it. This is referred to as ‘exercising the battery.’
  4. DO NOT drop, open, short circuit, burn or allow the battery to get wet.


Need a new laptop charger?


ü  Multi voltage select

ü  Multi connector

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Laptop Optional Accessories

Laptop Riser/Cooler
Protect your hard drive and components from over-heating and destroying your data. Over-heating is one of the most dangerous things your laptop can do! It also tilts your laptop so you don’t have to tilt.

Wired or wireless, feel more in control with a USB mouse.

Protective Bag/Case
Polyurethane or leather. Not just for travellers. Laptop bags protect your investment and keep all your accessories in the one place.


4+ ports. Increase your USB ports to connect more devices and never have a lack of USB inputs.

Norton Internet Security
Stay safe with the very best anti-virus software. Do you bank online? Then you need Norton Internet Security!

Backing Up
Invest in back up hard drives and automated backing up software, to avoid the trauma of losing precious photos and data.



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