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The Story So Far..

Business Awards Customer Service

Your Computer Repair

Here's What Happens

We ask you Questions to find out how we can help

We might ask you about the general health of the computer, its age, history and generally how you use your computer every day

We Test your computer to see if everything is ok

We will do a number of tests to check the health of your computer and how well it performs both online and offline

We Discuss what's best
for you

At the end of the assessment we’ll discuss our findings and give you our recommendations

We tailor make a solution for you

Together we discuss your technology needs with a trained technician to ensure we tailor-make a solution to suit your lifestyle.This may include specialised servicing, hardware or software upgrades, replacement of a one-on-one lesson.


Ben Waters


Chief Amazement Officer (CEO)

Winning Work: Team cheerleader! Brings the best out of the PC Pitstop team.
Business Specialist. Technology Solutions Provider.

Best Tech Tip: “Your data is not backed up, unless it’s backed up 3x and one of those is online/offsite”

William McDade


Technical Specialist + Sales

Winning Work: Desktop maintenance, custom builds, data recovery and software knowledge.

Best Tech Tip: “Don’t wait till it’s too late. Tuneup your computer and clean the bugs out like you would your car and it will serve you well for a much longer life.”

Steve Harris


Mac Technician + Advanced Repairs

Winning Work: Business IT Support. Mac Repairs. Mac Data Recovery.

Best Tech Tip: “Invest in the very best quality products – hardware, software, peripherals, the works – for YOUR specific needs. The big department stores’ hype is not always right.”



Level 1 Support

Winning Work: First level tech support. Ensuring we are exceeding client expectations

Best Tech Tip: “To avoid viruses and malware, install a reputable antivirus software and update it frequently”



Technical Specialist

Winning Work: Hardware support. wide range of compatibility knowledge.

Best Tech Tip: “To protect your data, back up your files regularly to an external drive and cloud service.”




Winning Work: Crunching numbers, cashflow queen, accounting detective & extremely hard worker.

Best Tech Tip: “Do it right, the first time and on time.”

Alex Howard


Technical Specialist

Winning Work: All round technical repairs and data transfer specialist.

Best Tech Tip: “To speed up your computer, uninstall programs you don’t use.”



Level 1 Support

Winning Work: Refurbishing computers in bulk for resale.

Best Tech Tip: “To save battery life, adjust your screen brightness and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not needed.”