5 things you can claim as expenses against business tax

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With the end of the financial year approaching, your business might be considering what to spend any extra budget on. Investing your leftover budget into improving your current tech stack, or purchasing new gear, is an excellent way to get a tax break while benefitting your business. 

Spending your remaining budget wisely will help set your business up for the new financial year by allowing you to invest money where it’s needed most. Read on to see some of the little things you can spend your remaining budget on and claim back against your tax.


Paying for business subscriptions is an efficient way to utilise your remaining budget. Tax can be claimed back on any business-related subscriptions, including subscriptions for software or applications.  

If you have been using the free version of an application, or if your staff have been asking to try out new software, now might be the time to invest. Upgrading or acquiring new software is an excellent way to spend leftover budget wisely to ensure your business gets maximum benefit.  

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Computer tune-up and maintenance

 Undergoing regular computer tune-ups and maintenance is the best way to ensure your business’ devices are performing as they should. Technology repairs and maintenance are tax-deductible, so it’s another great way to spend your remaining budget. 

If you are finding that your computers are slow, laggy, or have lots of error messages popping up, it might be time to let PC Pitstop’s expert technicians optimise your tech. Computer tune-ups and maintenance can be performed quickly and efficiently. You will instantly see the benefits and notice an increase in your and your team’s productivity. 

Choosing to spend your remaining budget on computer tune-ups is a worthwhile investment that will keep your technology in optimal performance, while also ensuring that your team is as productive as possible. 

New devices

The end of the financial year is the perfect time to assess what devices you have, and what you might need. With any leftover budget, you might want to consider upgrading or repairing old tech.   

Whether it’s time to upgrade, or you have new staff coming on board in the near future, an excellent way to use leftover budget funds is to buy new computers, phones, or printers. This will greatly benefit both the business and your employees 

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Motel Outdoor WiFi Access Point

Wi-Fi installation or extension

If your business has been experiencing slow or laggy Wi-Fi speeds, it might be time to upgrade your network or invest in Wi-Fi extenders.  

The installation of fast Wi-Fi is a great way to boost productivity and improve staff and customer satisfaction, which makes this a worthwhile purchase. If you are already using a commercial-grade network, you might need Wi-Fi extenders. Either way, you can claim expenses against tax on the costs associated with upgrading your Wi-Fi network.

Here at PC Pitstop, we provide a seamless installation of the Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi system, which is a commercial-grade wireless network system. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, and you will notice greatly improved speeds. We can also help with new Wi-Fi extenders to ensure everyone in your business experiences fast internet speeds no matter where in the building they’re located.

IT support 

Choose to spend your remaining budget wisely and put it towards necessary IT support services before the end of the financial year. 

IT support is categorised as a business expense, and this includes receiving support with cyber security, anti-virus solutions, web design and maintenance, and much more. As the end of the financial year approaches, it’s the perfect time to assess your IT support needs.

computer technician upgrading hard drive to SSD on a laptop

PC Pitstop offers a range of IT support services that can be claimed back as a business expense.

With the end of the financial year drawing close, there are a number of different tech purchases you could consider to make good use of your remaining budget. Not only will new or maintained technology last longer, but it will also help your employees perform better and keep them engaged. 

You can claim against tax on almost all technology-related expenses, so upgrading your systems is a no-brainer.  

Contact us if you’re looking to level up your business and enjoy a handy tax break at the same time! 

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Written by Ben Waters

Ben WatersOver 25 years helping build small businesses that work. Investor/Adventurer. Electronic Engineer and tech enthusiast.

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