Thank You for Shopping Local :: Here's What You Just Did!

Thank You for Shopping Local :: Here's What You Just Did!

Thank you For Shopping at PC Pitstop


Here’s what else you just did:

1. You kept dollars in Port Macquarie-Hastings.

Independent businesses make an economic contribution that is two to three times greater than that of national retailers (Price Waterhouse Coopers, 2007).

2. You supported local suppliers.

Multi-nationals rarely use local suppliers as they are frequently bound by head-office purchasing contracts.

3. You embraced our point-of-difference.

And helped to make Port Macquarie-Hastings a destination for visitors and tourists. This benefits us all.

4. You helped our precious environment.

Local product means fewer transportation miles, and reduces tonnes of pollution and packaging.

5. You helped to create jobs.

Small local businesses In Port Macquarie-Hastings are by far our largest employers.

6. You helped our community develop.

Local businesses donate to local causes at more than twice the rate of nationally owned firms.

7. You invested in local entrepreneurship.

Creativity and uniqueness will continue to be an important bedrock of Port Macquarie-Hastings’ future prosperity.

8. You invested in the local economy.

Competition and diversity leads to more consumer choices in the long-term.

9. You supported a local business committed to Customer Care.

You built upon the reputation of this area as the Number One Service Excellence area in Australia

(Customer Service Institute of Australia Awards).

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