PC Pitstop Specialty Lessons

PC Pitstop Specialty Lessons

Stop banging your head on the desk trying to figure that pesky computer problem and ask for a Specialty Lesson from your PC Pitstop Trained Technician.

The Benefits of Onsite Computer Help & When it’s Most Suitable

The Benefits Of Onsite Computer Help & When It’s Most Suitable

Onsite computer support is a premium service that gives you access to PC Pitstop Trained Technicians in your home or workplace. Many businesses only discover the real value of onsite computer support after they have experienced a major IT breakdown or disaster. However, more often than not, these IT issues can be prevented or at least minimised through regular servicing, regular maintenance and the right infrastructure and planning in place.

The Lost Plot Launch :: Port Macquarie Community Garden & Costa!

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The Port Macquarie Community Gardens Inc officially invites all members of the community to join them in celebrating The Lost Plot’s Launch on Sunday 6th April at the garden on Central Rd.



Donate to Help Preserve Herons Creek History! Herons Creek, the sprawling township that once appeared a sleepy hollow, is returning to its former glory as a significant area in Australia’s pioneer timber cutting industry.

We Support The Port Macquarie Community Gardens Inc – JOIN US in 2014!

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Come down to The Lost Plot and say hello! Participate in an event! Follow ‘The Lost Plot’ on Facebook ↓

3 Steps to Nailing Work/Life Balance in the New Year!


As busy people, especially at this time of year, we often forget to take time out to reflect, rest and reset for the year to come.

How to Manage Your Presentation Nerves!

How to Manage Your Presentation Nerves!

So I recently spoke at Port Macquarie’s Micro Business Forum on The 5 Things We as Business Owners Need to Know to Keep our Computers (& Businesses) Running Great!

Get More from Your Excel Spreadsheets

Get More from Your Excel Spreadsheets

Don’t like that annoying habit Excel has of trying to guess the right format for a cell you’re updating? Here’s how to turn it off, plus other handy tips.

Miss Manners Tech Talk

Miss Manners Tech Talk

Okay. Put down your phone. It’s time to talk. For the Rue team, Instagram-ing is a way of life, but we realize we can spend our lives a little too glued to the screen. Sometimes, we need to disconnect and actually talk to the person across the table. So when do we indulge and when should we draw the line? It’s a constantly evolving question thanks to technology (Google Glass, anyone?) but it all comes down to what all etiquette is about- being considerate.

5 Fun Reasons to Follow PC Pitstop Australia!


Why should you choose to stay connected with us? Because we’re your source of inspiration, information, and community. Our platform is a gateway to exciting content, valuable insights, and a supportive network. Join us on this journey to explore, engage, and grow together!

PC Pitstop Supported Robbie Hits the Road to Racing Victory Again

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Port Macquarie’s star triathlete Robert Johnston sets his upcoming race date calendar – and it’s an action packed one at that! PC Pitstop supported and medal winning local, Robbie, who took a short break to raise his gorgeous son Thomas.

Judy Henry & Salon Secrets :: ON THE PODIUM

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Salon Secrets is located away from the busy CBD in a shopping strip on Hastings River Drive just a few minutes from the CBD or the airport. Parking is available just out the front of our business.