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Why do computers slow down?

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A question that we get asked all the time here at PC Pitstop is why computers get slower over time. This can start to happen within a year after you get a new PC, but usually, it happens in just a few short months.

PC Pitstop Computer Manual & Service Planner :: Making IT Easy for YOU


We are so excited to finally have our PC Pitstop Computer Manual & Service Planner in store for everyone who receives any service from PC Pitstop! So many of you have been wanting something like this and it will definately make life easier for a lot of businesses and families!

So good I had to share :: 10 Ways to be Computer Literate


So, Justin James from TechRepublic says there are 10 Things you Have to Know to be Computer Literate. Of course, there is so much to know, and it depends on what your use of the computer is actually for that determines your capabilities, but this little list is pretty handy for general users.

WARNING! The 1 Thing We Must All DO NOW to Survive The World’s Nastiest Bug That’s Coming for Us All

WARNING! The 1 Thing We Must All DO NOW To Survive The World’s Nastiest Bug That’s Coming For Us All

Cryptolocker is new malware coming to a computer near you. Malware is short for malicious software and generally refers to a variety of forms of intrusive and hostile programs.

5 Straight Down the Line Honest Technology Truths You Need to Know

5 Straight Down the Line Honest Technology Truths You Need to Know

Geeks that insult your intelligence as they ‘help you’ [read: do it for you…so fast that you have no idea what they did?

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Cats & Computers…You’ve Gotta Laugh!


“Cats & Computers…You’ve Gotta Laugh!” is a funny collection of the comical and often unpredictable relationship between feline companions and the world of technology. This amusing collection of memes highlights how our furry friends effortlessly inject humor into our daily interactions with computers and gadgets, providing a humorous perspective on the ever-evolving intersection of pets and modern technology.

Beware Spyware

Beware Spyware

How do you keep spyware from tracking your habits or hijacking your computer? One-third of Internet users have been spyware afflicted and this figure is on the rise.

Avoiding Viruses & Scams

Avoiding Viruses & Scams

PC Pitstop sees all manner of viruses and software ‘bugs’ every day from a huge range of different sources. It is near impossible to keep up with the speed at which new viruses or scams spread, but common sense tells us where to look. It is with this knowledge that we have compiled some basic tips to avoid costly damage from viruses occurring on your machine.