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Strategic Business IT Solutions: Unleashing the Power of Web Design, Maintenance, and Support

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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, a robust online presence is imperative for businesses seeking success. This underscores the critical role of web design, maintenance, and support as integral components of modern Business IT Solutions. This article explores the significance of these elements and how they contribute to the overall success and sustainability of a business in the digital era.

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We work hard to hone our skills for you – THE CUSTOMER – and we’ve been rewarded for it!

Clarifying the Cloud :: What You Might Not Know Already

Clarifying the cloud :: What you might not know already

Here is an introduction to some basic questions you should be asking. As part of our coverage of the cloud and how it can help you, we invited Kris Hansen, technology manager at GFI Software to submit this guest column. Disclaimer: GFI has been an advertiser on the BIT website.

PC Pitstop Computer Manual & Service Planner :: Making IT Easy for YOU


We are so excited to finally have our PC Pitstop Computer Manual & Service Planner in store for everyone who receives any service from PC Pitstop! So many of you have been wanting something like this and it will definately make life easier for a lot of businesses and families!

PC Pitstop Specialty Lessons

PC Pitstop Specialty Lessons

Stop banging your head on the desk trying to figure that pesky computer problem and ask for a Specialty Lesson from your PC Pitstop Trained Technician.

The Benefits of Onsite Computer Help & When it’s Most Suitable

The Benefits Of Onsite Computer Help & When It’s Most Suitable

Onsite computer support is a premium service that gives you access to PC Pitstop Trained Technicians in your home or workplace. Many businesses only discover the real value of onsite computer support after they have experienced a major IT breakdown or disaster. However, more often than not, these IT issues can be prevented or at least minimised through regular servicing, regular maintenance and the right infrastructure and planning in place.

Happy New Year – We’re OPEN! Beat the Crowds and SHOP TODAY

Happy New Year - We're OPEN! Beat the Crowds and SHOP TODAY

It’s 2014 and our doors are open for business today from 9am – 5pm.

Introducing Pitstop IT

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Meet Pitstop IT, your solution for seamless technology management. We are your trusted partner for all things IT, providing a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From troubleshooting and maintenance to optimizing your digital infrastructure, Pitstop IT is here to ensure your technology runs smoothly, so you can focus on what matters most to your business. With our experienced team and innovative solutions, we’re committed to simplifying your IT experience and helping you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Network Maintenance & Support

Network Maintenance & Support

From concept to creation, planning to implementation, PC Pitstop’s Network Engineers love their work and take pride in looking after their valued clients – ensuring smooth operating and efficient networks every time. Talk to PC Pitstop today to get the best out of your network configurations and capabilities.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Embrace technology with a PC Pitstop Tech Needs Analysis, $85. Invest in the productivity and future of your business with the help of one of our friendly technicians.

Onsite Support

PC Pitstop Onsite Support

Sometimes the only way to resolve or assess a particular problem is to make an onsite visit. All of our onsite crew are fully trained in providing you with a solution to your particular problem quickly and efficiently.