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3 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your PC

Spring has sprung and the trash piles are out on the lawns and garage sales are a go-go. So what about a spring clean for the mahine you work hard every day – your computer? Do these 3 simple steps and watch your computer smile! 1. Do a Defrag. (How?) 2. Uninstall any programs you 3 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your PC

How to Manage Your Presentation Nerves!

So I recently spoke at Port Macquarie’s Micro Business Forum on The 5 Things We as Business Owners Need to Know to Keep our Computers (& Businesses) Running Great! It went well. Check out a short video of me in action >>> HERE <<< and judge for yourself. But being my very first public presentation, How to Manage Your Presentation Nerves!

EOFY Technology Check List


Stop before you shop and check out these ‘something-for-everyone’ guides to buying technology before the End of Financial Year: 1. BUY A NEW PHONE OR WAIT? >>> Read all about what’s new and what’s best for you HERE. 2. ARE YOUR SOFTWARE LICENSES UP TO DATE? >>> You may be able to get a better EOFY Technology Check List

PC Pitstop’s Laptop Safety Tips

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Safely using your laptop will help ensure that your laptop works properly and you don’t get injured. Improper use or not being aware of safety issues can cause your laptop irreparable damage. These safety tips should be added to your weekly laptop maintenance routine and will help you stay productive and safe no matter where PC Pitstop’s Laptop Safety Tips

Beware Spyware

How do you keep spyware from tracking your habits or hijacking your computer? One-third of Internet users have been spyware afflicted and this figure is on the rise. What is spyware?It’s a broad term for deceptive software that installs itself on a computer via the internet. Once it lurks, it allows an outsider to harvest Beware Spyware

Avoiding Viruses & Scams

PC Pitstop sees all manner of viruses and software ‘bugs’ every day from a huge range of different sources. It is near impossible to keep up with the speed at which new viruses or scams spread, but common sense tells us where to look. It is with this knowledge that we have compiled some basic Avoiding Viruses & Scams