Month: September 2021

How much does it cost to repair a laptop?

Internal Laptop Battery Being Replaced by Technician

If your laptop isn’t turning on, it could be a result of a number of problems. Perhaps you’ve dropped it, exposed it to water, or an internal component has met its end. What should you do next?

How much does data recovery cost?

Lady calling computer support

The only thing worse than experiencing problems with your devices and losing important data is facing the costs and uncertainty around the data recovery process. Let’s see how much it’ll cost you:

How long does a laptop battery last?

Technician testing laptop battery capacity

Learn how batteries slowly die and lose battery capacity over time, regardless of how well they’re looked after. Factors such as usage, heat, and age all impact on how long a battery will last.

Green Technology


Green Technology Get Involved! Did you know? Mercury found in flat panels, laptop screens and switches can contaminate with as little as 1/70th of a teaspoon, almost 20 acres of water to the point that fish are unsafe to eat! So Why do we Recycle? * prevent pollution and protect our environment * minimize solid Green Technology