Month: February 2013

Introducing Pitstop IT

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Doing Backflips for Flipboard


Tech Life reviews my latest obsession: “News apps don’t get any prettier than Flipboard, but we hope you have a lot of spare time on your hands… you’ll need it. We had a look at Flipboard recently when it debuted on Android, and there’s no doubt about it, this app is a major timesink. This Doing Backflips for Flipboard

Cheeky Techy Valentine


It’s nearing that day when everything turns red and chainstores demand you spend money on your other half to tell them that you love them. So…why fight it…really? Why exactly, especially when you can get something out of the gift. This month Tech Life are asking: ‘Are you Naughty or Nice?’ Pick a box and Cheeky Techy Valentine

Good ‘Old School’ Computer Tips


Some tried and true ‘Old School’ computer tips are still useful and relevant today. Of course there are Solid State Drives and Flat Screens and Wireless Everything these days but not everyone has the latest and greatest device and let’s face it, not everyone needs the latest and greatest. So this is for you…you groovy Good ‘Old School’ Computer Tips