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Benefits of a Regular Tune-up

Over time your computer equipment will invariably shows signs of ageing – slowing down, part malfunction, etc. A Tune-up is a thorough service of all components in your machine. It is a process whereby PC Pitstop Trained Technicians scan, clean and repair any issues, whether currently visible or hinting to likely to cause problems in the near future. We work with you to resolve any major issues found and provide you with options and solutions to get you back on track.

Regular Scheduled Tune-ups provide:

  •       Warning and solutions to problems before they occur become a costly interference to your daily life or business operations
  •       Optimal productivity and efficiency from your investment
  •        Performance improvements such as speed, space, and reliability
  •        A time for you to engage a PC Pitstop Trained Technician to help resolve any issues you may have
  •        Peace of mind that your computer is in good working order

For optimal performance, invest in a Tune-up every 3-6mths for business users and every 6-12mths for home users.


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