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Data Recovery Service

Lost precious files?
Need to get them back fast?
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Lost data? Need it back fast?

Don’t lose precious data with our 99% success rate data recovery service. We are the BEST between Sydney & Brisbane.

Recovery of your data from USB Drives, Hard Drives, Faulty Old Computers – you name it.

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We help you get back your lost data
Certified Data Recovery Specialists


Where do the police turn to when they need forensic data recovery? Ontrack Data Recovery. PC Pitstop is the authorised local agent for Ontrack Data Recovery – the biggest and best in the world for data recovery. With special discounted rates apply to PC Pitstop customers.

Data recovery of your precious data memories


PC Pitstop has 3x data recovery machines that are in use 24/7 to recover data. Data can be recovered from old computers, faulty hard drives, USB memory sticks, SD cards and from smart devices.

Recovery times to recover data from faulty hard drive


You often only get one chance to recover your data successfully. We consult with you to determine the best way to recover your precious files. Keeping you informed every step of the way. Recovery times vary from 1-2 days for routine data recovery – to 1 week+ for catastrophic data recoveries.