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PC Pitstop for laptop repairs

If your computer won’t turn on, has viruses, is physically broken, or running slow, come and see the PC Pitstop team in-store. Our technicians are proficient at all laptop repairs, including resolving the most common and frustrating issues, including viruses, network and WiFi problems, slow computers and internet and email issues. If you have a problem with your laptop, we can help!


We pride ourselves on our award-winning service and fast, efficient, and cost-effective repairs for broken laptops. Our team of specialist in-store professionals can remove the stress of a malfunctioning computer by fixing the problem quickly and efficiently.


Let our highly qualified technicians diagnose your laptop’s problem; no matter if it’s a simple fix or a complicated technical solution. For efficient and convenient laptop repairs drop into our store or give us a call. We’re as passionate about fixing computers and laptops as you are about using them!

Why choose PC Pitstop for laptop repairs?

  • Award-winning service
  • Free cost estimation quotes
  • Fast turnaround times
  • No technical jargon
  • Free over-the-counter consultations with our friendly staff
  • Availability 5 days of the week, from 9am to 5pm

Every requirement is unique, and that’s why we as all the right questions to ensure you have a laptop repairs  service’s that is just right for you.

PC Pitstop’s laptop repair services

Virus and malware removal

There are many threats, scams and security breaches that threaten internet security. Constantly evolving, these viruses are often hidden where users can’t find them. Our technicians are proficient at hunting down malware and eradicating it, as well as installing preventative protective measures on your laptop or computer.

Network and WiFi problems

Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck with WiFi that won’t work? Bring your laptop to us – we’ll troubleshoot your internet connection for you quick-smart.

Secure and restore hacked computers

Discovering your laptop has been hacked can be daunting, as most of us store valuable and sensitive personal information on our computers. A professional service at PC Pitstop can secure your hacked computer, and return it to you, safe and sound.

Speed up slow laptops

Computers are highly technical pieces of technology, and when they’re running slowly it could be due to a number of reasons. Fortunately, we’ve seen it all and our skilled team of computer specialists know how to remedy the problem and get your computer back up to speed.

Laptop not booting up

The so-called ‘blue screen of death’ is a scary sight and when your laptop crashes or fails to boot up you might think all is lost. PC Pitstop can identify the problem and solve it at the root, getting your machine back in working order.

Internet and email issues

Strong computer communications are essential for connecting with others, whether it’s for business or personal reasons. These days, internet and email access are two vital requirements to stay in touch and manage your life. When you run into internet or email problems our technicians can help.

Damaged screens

A cracked or broken laptop screen is common, yet extremely inconvenient and frustrating. It can mean hours, or even days, of lost productivity. Come and talk to our laptop specialists, who are proficient at carrying out screen replacements.

Faulty power supply

Don’t wiggle it, fix it! Computers with a faulty power supply don’t have to be thrown away, or just endured! Get your laptop power supply repaired with us.

Broken keyboards

We specialise in parts replacements, including broken keyboards or missing keys. We will give you a cost-effective and transparent quote and discuss the best way forward with you for each specific case.

Laptop hinge repair

Yes, broken laptop hinges happen more often than you think! When it happens to you, don’t waste time – come and see PC Pitstop. Our computer professionals understand the technical aspects of laptop repair and will get your laptop back in one piece fast and efficiently.

Printer setup

Get things done once and done properly! Our technicians can set up your printer on your laptop and ensure your device is running correctly.

Virtual Reality Headset

We move fast and fix things! Here’s how we help you

  • Simple, straightforward questions to find out how we can help you
  • Investigative testing of your equipment to get to the root of the problem
  • Candid discussions with you to figure out the best way forward
  • A no-surprises cost estimation quote
  • Fast and realistic turnaround times
  • A solution tailor-made specifically for you
  • Work that is 100% guaranteed

Laptop brands we repair

  • Asus
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Compaq
  • Apple

Call us - ask lots of questions!

Contact our team of experts. PC Pitstop accommodates everyone – from industry professionals to those just getting started and everyone in between.

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Free Quotes

Simply let us know what applications you want to run on your new computer, let us know your budget and we will quote you on the best possible computer to match your specifications.

New Custom Built Gaming Computer

Fast turnaround time

Build time usually takes a couple of days after your parts arrive in stock. The technicians then test everything from top to bottom before calling you to collect. It’s that easy.

Join Happy Customers Australia Wide

Ian loves his new computer

Sign Writer – Mermaid Beach

Thank you for your excellent service guys, I can’t thank you enough and the extra efforts for my new computer and Ben remote accessing my computer and sorting out a few minor tweaks and I have a working sign cutting plotter again.

I would definitely recommend this business to anyone who needs assistance or to buy products and wouldn’t hesitate to use your services in the future. Thanks again…

Ian Hulme, Gold Coast.

Sign Writing Computer Review

Custom Computers Frequently Asked Questions

& Really Good Answers!

After your quote is accepted and deposit paid, it usually only takes 4 – 7 business days to assemble all your parts and start building your new custom computer. We then test everything and put your new computer through its paces before giving it the seal of approval.

Because you will be using your computer for high performance tasks, it really is a good investment to load up as much fast RAM as you can afford. Having more RAM is like having a bigger table to work from. You can spread everything out and get all you tasks open and work fast between all your programs.

Having said that, it is not uncommon to install 32Gb of RAM in most custom built computers we design.

The answer here really depends on the programs you are looking to run. If you have a main application that is not graphics intensive, but instead processor intensive, we can beef up the CPU and RAM so you spend your money on getting the best bang for buck.

This is the problem with most off the shelf computers, where they can be generally good all round. Having a good idea of what your main task will be will allow you to have a fantastic computer that gets the job done – FAST!

We are located in Port Macquarie, NSW and ship Australia wide – where it’s always just another day in paradise!!

If your computer is reasonably new and has room to do so, we can usually upgrade your Hard Drive to a fast SSD Hard drive, increase your RAM and upgrade your video card.

Before going down this path, we will ask lots of good questions around what type of applications you are looking to run, your budget and will also look at your existing computer to determine if the upgrades will be worth it.

At the end of the day, we are techs and engineers and not salespeople. We don’t work on commissions and only want what is best for you in the long run. Having a computer that is reliable and something you will be happy about is our main goal!

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