Protect your Data Right from the Start!

Protect your Data Right from the Start!

  • Make sure your computer is located in a safe, dry and dust-free area preferably away from open windows. Responsible computer owners place their work stations in low-traffic, climate controlled areas which prevent physical damage and heat related issues.
  • Back up your data regularly to an external hard drive. (How? Click here.) Recent studies conclude that only 12% of the population backs up their data on a weekly basis.
  • Prevent power surges from destroying your computer because even low-level power bursts or ‘brown-outs’ can erase hard drive data. An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) provides some of the best protection from data hard drive recovery situations. So use a UPS on your computer but be sure to test it.
  • Beware of losing data with email attachments. Set your email program to save attachments in a unique location so you don’t overwrite something of the same name.
  • It doesn’t hurt to keep hard copies of your documents: It won’t prevent you from typing and formatting your document again, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Be sure to do this in association with an external backup though!
  • Store copies of mission critical data off site by utilising a portable external HDD, DVD, or USB stick.
  • Use virus detection programs and keep them updated frequently as viruses can be deadly to data. We use and recommend Norton Internet Security.
  • If your disk drive makes any strange noises, skips a beat, hiccups or does anything out of the ordinary then backup it up immediately and bring your machine in to PC Pitstop. Everyone will have a hard drive failure at some point in time but been aware of warning signs can help avoid data loss.

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