PC Pitstop Tech Team - Here for You

PC Pitstop Tech Team - Here for You

ben pcpitstop technician 

Engineer & Managing Director

Winning Work: Onsite business consultations and tech needs analysis to increase productivity for everyone within the business.

Best Tech Tip: “You haven’t really backed up until you’ve backed up 3 times. Let us set it and then you forget it.”

 tristan pcpitstop technician

Sales Manager

Winning Work: iPhone/iPod/iPad repairs.

Best Tech Tip: “Ask the experts. No question is a silly question except for those not asked. Ask before action sometimes saves so much stress and mess!”

 james pcpitstop technician 640x613

Technical Specialist

Winning Work: Mac’s and new technologies.

Best Tech Tip: “Invest in the very best quality products – hardware, software, peripherals, the works – for YOUR specific needs. The big department stores’ hype is not always right.”


Technical Specialist

Winning Work: Ongoing maintenace, backups and business support.

Best Tech Tip: “Keep it simple. We can help you find one great solution for each issue instead of lots of less than average solutions all battling each other.”

Got a computer problem or burning question….?

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