Helpdesk :: Remote Access

Helpdesk :: Remote Access

Helpdesk :: Remote Access

It’s good to know you can call on someone when you need computer assistance.
Our team at PC Pitstop are all trained to take your call, provide a solution in real time, or find one fast and get back to you like we promise to do.

It’s just another part of your Excellent Customer Service Experience at PC Pitstop.
Call us today and experience the difference for yourself – 65 841 551!

Remote Access Support

Remote Access Support is an efficient means to provide the support you need without an onsite visit.

You hold the key, granting access to your PC Pitstop Trained Technician to provide assistance to any of your computers over the internet.

PC Pitstop teamviewer
 It’s the perfect simple support solution from PC Pitstop.

Access Point

:Click below when advised by your PC Pitstop Trained Technician:


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