frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
PC Pitstop came from humble beginnings over 16 years ago in the seaside village of Bonny Hills and has since grown into an award winning and reliable organisation across the east coast of Australia. With over 50 years combined experience our technical specialist’s source only the best parts and peripherals to ensure maximum longevity for your technology. Add to this the extensive range of downloadable services created and supported in-house truly make PC Pitstop Your One Stop Computer Shop!

Do you service home users?
Despite our diverse business clientele we never forget the home users. With competitively priced onsite and workshop repairs and servicing PC Pitstop continue to support the everyday computer users – the families, the students, the beginners and the gamers. Read more about our Core Services aimed at getting you back on track again, fast!

Do you provide house calls?
House Calls or Onsite Servicing is a main component of PC Pitstop’s customer-focused range. We understand restraints and counter these with reliable, professional support right at your door. Most repairs can be solved in the first hour, however, if your PC Pitstop Trained Technician expects that it will take longer they’ll let you know as soon as possible. They’ll inform you of your options and you can decide how you woud like to proceed. 
If an onsite repair takes less than a full hour we encourage customers to make the most of any extra time with your Technician. Some suggestions include:

Arrow-Right-icon Performing a system Health Check
Arrow-Right-icon Optimising startup and shutdown
Arrow-Right-icon Cleaning up taskbars
Arrow-Right-icon Ensuring your Operating System is up to date
Arrow-Right-icon Diagnosing performance problems
Arrow-Right-icon Performing system maintainence
Arrow-Right-icon Checking your Wireless Network Security
Arrow-Right-icon Setting up a backup routine to protect your family or business data, precious photos, documents, etc
Arrow-Right-icon Or simply answering questions and demonstrating tasks you may be struggling with.

How much do repairs cost?
Quality computer repairs are affordable and competitively priced at PC Pitstop. With fair and structured pricing for a huge array of issues, we beat the competition with value adding advice, documentation and communication. We don’t charge by the hour for workshop repairs, we have a renowned super-fast turnaround time; and we like to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Find out how much it doesn’t cost for repairs here!
What are the average repair times?
PC Pitstop’s guiding principle is to ‘do it right, do it once, and do it on time.’ We take great pride and hire only the best technicians to ensure each and every job is completed or a solution found within a few short days. You can even find a handy Average Turnaround Time radar in every store for your peace of mind, and when occasional bumps in the road appear, our customer’s are the first to know. See what some of our customers say about our efficiency here.
Can you make my computer faster?
We all know that putting fuel in your car just makes it go, not necessarily go faster. The same applies to most computers but with definite exceptions. With a few small adjustments, additions and sometimes a big tune-up your computer could get into higher gear! Come and talk to your trusted PC Pitstop technicians to discuss the best options for you.
Can you transfer data?
Yes! PC Pitstop can transfer data from your old PC to a new one, including Documents, Photos, Music, Videos, Emails, Addressbooks, Bookmarks, Accounting data etc. To transfer programs, we really need your original installation disks. Programs cannot be transfered as such from computer to computer, but if you have these disks, the whole job is straight forward and a breeze. If you have lost your disks or did not receive them from your original vendor, PC Pitstop can show you the range of software on sale that can be purchased to complete the job.
Do you provide lessons?
We sure do! PC Pitstop Trained Technicians can deliver computer training to suit your experience level one-on-one. Check out our latest lesson information here or sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know about new programs.
What about insurance assessments?
 Blackout blown out your equipment? Corrosion eating up your machine well before it’s time? Enduring the unfortunate effects of theft? All legitimate insurance cases are handled fairly and professionally at PC Pitstop. Talk to us about what we can do to help you.
What happens if my computer is broken and can’t be fixed?
Sometimes, expecially if there is serious damage to your computer, it is a better investment to buy a new one than to continue with repairs. If we find that’s the case, your PC Pitstop Trained Technician will make recommendations as to what device, what operating system and what programs are best for your needs. We can then back up your data, transfer it to your new computer and help you set it up and get back on track.
Do you custom build computers?
PC Pitstop’s qualified technical specialists love building new desktop computers and custom desktop computers. Within good-looking and functional cases are top performing parts assembled with meticulous attention to detail. Each machine undergoes several stringent Quality Control Checks before it is loaded with the relevant Operating System, tested again and shipped to you. The result is as attractive as it is reliable! Contact Us for an assessment and quote for your next machine.
What are Ex-Lease computers?
PC Pitstop believes in the Re-Use of adequate working technology to offer sturdy solutions for those on a budget. Ex-Lease or Ex-Government machines originally come from big banks and Government Agencies. Instead of going to landfill every time one of these organisations upgrades their systems, PC Pitstop take them, refurbish them and can then on-sell them at a great rate! All the Ex-lease equipment undergoes vigorous testing to ensure reliability for many years to come. Oftentimes these machines are barely used and always in fantastic physical condition – a bonus for you, the buyer! Ex-Lease machines are an excellent alternative to brand new systems and offer affordable, reliable solutions for home and educational users. View the complete Ex-Lease Range here.
What happens if I’m not happy with the service?
Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are constantly monitoring each technician’s performance. We promise to delight all our customers, so if you are ever not 100% satisfied, please get in touch with us!

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